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  • 1. What is Android TV Remote Control Android?

    Android TV Remote Control Android is an app by Google that lets you control your Android television using your tablet computer or smartphone. The app helps users hook up their mobile device with their Android television. The app has simple navigation buttons, which makes using it extremely easy and convenient.

  • 2. Is the application free?

    Yes, Android TV Remote Control Android is free to download and use. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, and any Android device running Android 4.0 or later version can install this application. The space requirements are minimal too, with the file size being 5MB approximately.

  • 3. Who is this tool for?

    The tool is for those Android TV users who don’t want to use the bundled-in remote control or want the flexibility to use their smartphone as a remote control and not want to handle multiple devices (dedicated remote control and smartphone) at the same time. Also, people who’ve lost their Android TV remote would find this app extremely handy.

  • 4. How does the app connect to Android TV?

    The application uses Bluetooth or your local network to connect to an Android television. There are no specific hardware requirements such as an infrared (IR) blaster. This means the app is universal and would work on all smartphones and mobile devices.

  • 5. How to connect the app to Android TV?

    As aforementioned, the app connects to your Android TV through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. If you are going the Wi-Fi route, ensure your smartphone or tablet computer and your Android TV are on the same network. Bluetooth is the other option if Wi-Fi is not working. Just turn on the Bluetooth on your device and you’re good to go.

  • 6. What are the controls like?

    This Android TV remote app is everything a regular remote control is and offers a few additional features as well. For instance, there is ‘voice search’ and also the ability to switch between touch-pad and d-pad modes. Manual searches can also be made. These additional functionalities lend tremendous versatility to the entire setup.

  • 7. Does this app work on an iOS device?

    Android TV did not initially support iOS devices. But after a couple years of existence, this remote control app can now be used on iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads. The app is available for download on iTunes. By the way, the iOS app is free too.

  • 8. What is the connection strength like?

    Compared to using a dedicated IR blaster, remote control enabled via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth isn’t the most stable – Bluetooth, in particular, could present more issues. At times, the Bluetooth button has to be toggled multiple times to use the app. These issues aren’t across the board and depend on the Bluetooth version your phone uses.

  • 9. Will the app replace a dedicated remote control device?

    No, at least not for now. A dedicated remote control is a lot more robust and reliable than remote control apps. However, with advancing software and hardware, this scenario could change in the future and remote TV apps would then no longer be secondary or alternative tools.

  • 10. How is the touch sensitivity?

    The touch sensitivity is great – as good as the touch sensitivity of your device. But there could be some lag between your touch commands and the TV actually recognizing the command. With a dedicated Android TV remote, the process is quicker and a lot more seamless.